Sunday, August 16, 2015

// LEVIS 501 //

// And finally , an outfit post. I went shopping the other day and realise how big the old school jean trend is. Flared , boyfriend , mom..basically anything but skinny jeans are filling all shelves right now. That's when I decided I'd invest in a pair of vintage jeans that would basically last me forever so I ended up with a pair of Levis 501s. These jeans are so comfortable and the make me look way skinnier than I actually am so it's only fair if I say I'm in love with them.
I didn't do any crazy styling since i wanted the attention to be on the jeans. I might show you other way to style them during fall but this is it for now. I really hope you liked the photos , which let me say took forever to edit because of the yellow tint the sunlight created ) and I'll see you soon. X 

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