Thursday, March 5, 2015


Hey there! Today is my second day in Milan but more importantly it's my birthday! I'm so happy and grateful for all the love and gifts I received today. I turned 17 and I'm now one year close to the big one-eight (18).I woke up pretty early today so that I could have more time to stroll around and have some fun and of course shop. I went to Lush(again) , Zara , H&M, Brandy Mellvile and plenty of italian shoe stores. I'm having such and amazing time here I wish I never had to go back! Taking a break from school and studying feels so so so good. I hope I'll get the chance to visit again soon but for now I'm just going to enjoy the few days I have left. I hope you like these photos. For more follow me on my social media (links on sidebar).
Big hug from the 17 year old me. X

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