Sunday, January 25, 2015


Hey there my beautiful readers. I hope you're having a great day. So today it was raining outside and I was freezing when taking the photos. I wore this outfit yesterday morning and it was super comfy and put together so I thought I should take some photos. 
Yesterday my mom and I went out to grab some coffee and I ended up buying new sunglasses. If you follow me on my social media (links in sidebar) then you already know since I posted a ton of selfies. Ugh I'm so excited I finall got them. I will post pictures of them soon - as long as it stops raining- so you can see them. Hope you like the outfit. X 

Saturday, January 24, 2015


 Goodmorning my sweet readers! Long time no see.Well , I'm back with a new post and I can reasure you there will be more really soon. This week has been a week of changes and hard work for me. I finally started working out again after what felt like forever and I've been studying a lot. Given that , I decided to reward myself this moring with croissants and breakfast in bed. 
When I was younger my mom would always make me "weekend breakfast" and I would eat it in bed , so I thought why not now?! I love mornings where I can relax and plan the rest of the day in my warm bed and this was definitely one of those. Ugh! I wish every morning could be like this one.Anyway ,  I'll have an outfit post up soon so stay tuned for that. Bug hug. X 

Saturday, January 17, 2015


He there Fiinally I have a new post for you. I really enjoy shooting and editing and just working on my blog so I'm very excited to be back. I have a really good friend that wants to be a photographer and is really talented so we decided to work together and shoot together for my blog so that I post better quality material. So this outfit is one of my favorite casual outfits I've done. I got inspired from a photo of Kendall I saw on pinterest but since I live in a small town I dressed it down a bit and made it more casual and comfy. I really hope you like it and get some inspiration for your outfits. 

Faux Fur ZARA | Denim Jacket is diy but you can find similar here | leather pants ZARA | boots Airstep | Beanie Bershka 

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